Sailfish CEO wants users to install the OS in android devices

On interview with a finnish publication, Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki said that Jolla is planning to give users the ability to install Sailfish OS on their android devices. He confirms that installing the Sailfish OS on android devices is easy. He point out that in China, half of the android users upgrade to higher OS versions. Jolla is targeting this section of the crowd to increase the adoption of Sailfish OS.

Tomi goes on to say that there are websites providing OS’s and Jolla is looking forward to partner with them and get the Sailfish OS also listed for download. Specifics of the website or time of availability was not mentioned though.

Why Android?
Probably due to the fact that Sailfish OS supports android apps (around 85000 of them). A highly optimistic assumption that android users will not miss the android OS much because of the availablity of their favorite apps. What do you think?